We've all gotten used to Amazon's same-day shipping and 2-day delivery times.  While it's great on the receiving end, living up to those expectations for a two-person company is daunting. All of the enclosures are manufactured and packed by hand in an actual Greensboro, NC, garage by 3D printing enthusiasts just like yourself, not made in a factory overseas and stored in regional warehouses.

While most orders are processed in 1 - 3 days, during peak times it can take up to 5 business days to process your order, and even longer if you've ordered custom modifications. We are happy to issue a refund if this isn't fast enough. Note that we don't offshore support, and answer each question ourselves during office hours 9 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday

The other issue is shipping costs.  Amazon Prime has conditioned people to want free shipping, but our enclosures are large and heavy, more like shipping furniture.  We lose money overall on shipping, but there's simply no way to get shipping costs any lower without raising prices and then offering "free" shipping.  This way you at least know the real cost of the shipping.