If you've received this email it's because you ordered an enclosure from 3D UPFitters.  We send these files out even if you order the ABS parts pre-printed so that you can print your replacements should anything break.

Hopefully, the attached files are all you need to print all of the plastic parts for the enclosure.  (Note the hinges are injection molded and are in your parts kit along with the screws, nuts, etc.)

If anything isn't explained in the manual, or a file is missing, please let us know.  We do our best, but mistakes happen, and when they do we'll fix them immediately.

These designs are the result of years of effort, testing, and tweaking, and provide a livelihood for several people. 

We super appreciate your patronage, but PLEASE do not share the files with anyone, post them on the internet, etc. We've invested our savings and years of our lives trying to make this a success.